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Billerica & Bedford Track Day


Dave Buczkowski:
  For those of you who can't make Albion Day due to the distance and time involved, there will be track laying at the B&B off Loomis Street in Bedford, MA Saturday, November 1, 2008. The B&B group get started around 9 due to the residential area the track is near. The FBDP provides lunch and soft drinks. So, when the B&B is 5 minutes from my house, why I am I driving to Albion?

Tom Casper:

Because it's MAINE 2 footers that draw us in.

Tom C.

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
Dave,  Are they adding more track next to the trail?   Lunch hmm ... is kielbasa on the menu?  Ya may draw a few "WW&Fers" to the B&B!

Dave Buczkowski:
I believe the intent is lay another couple of sections of track next to the trail. I will be in Albion so i don't know what they will serve but it's probably pizza. With all this talk of kielbasa I may have to bring one up with me to have Carl boil on the wood stove. Oh and I shouldn't forget the Kosciuszko mustard...

Duncan Mackiewicz:
Don't forget to bring sauerkraut too.  Oh, and maybe some pierogi?  I doubt Carl will have either on-hand.


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