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Raise "FREE" Money for the WW&F While Shopping Online

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Benjamin Richards:
Their stated reasoning was really backwards: "We aren't having very much impact, so instead we'd rather have no impact at all."  :o

Of course we can all surmise the real reason is that it was cutting too much into the bottom line. This cnbc article snip corroborates that:
"The move to shutter AmazonSmile comes as CEO Andy Jassy has embarked on a sweeping review of the company’s expenses amid a worsening economic outlook and slowing growth in its retail division."

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/18/amazon-discontinues-amazonsmile-charity-donation-program-amid-cost-cuts.html

Now I have my own personal qualms with Amazon, so I buy from them only as a last resort. Still, it's a shame for the museum to lose what's essentially free money.

Ed Lecuyer:

--- Quote from: Benjamin Richards on January 19, 2023, 11:21:53 AM ---Now I have my own personal qualms with Amazon, so I buy from them only as a last resort.
--- End quote ---

I'm not a huge Amazon fan either, but I felt less "bad" about shopping from them knowing that a small part of my purchase went to support the WW&F. Reading the backlash from other non-profits, I was not alone in that reasoning.

Meanwhile, I made a large Amazon "impulse" purchase this morning... it may be my last hurrah.

Graham Buxton:
 ;) One way to get Amazon's attention would be to simply cancel your Prime 'membership'.  :o ;D

You can still get "free shipping" at Amazon without Prime*, you just have to learn to be a bit more patient.  :-X
*(to get Free Shipping, just order $25 or more at a time.)

Graham Buxton:
Well, its nearly two weeks since the end of the Amazon Smile program on February 20th.    :(

I haven't bought anything at Amazon since the 19th.  ;D   The end of Smile is rather ironic as Amazon is still paying commissions to those hundreds (maybe thousands?) of fake review sites that are just a front for Amazon. Like this one, for example:


Funny how all of the products that they ... ahem ... "review" are all sold with Amazon links right on the page.  ::)

So as a public service, I am promoting uBlacklist (available for Chrome and Firefox and Vivaldi browsers, possibly others as well) that is very useful in allowing you to block those fake sites from showing up in your search results.   8)

Here are a couple of links:


I have been using uBlacklist for a year or so and have been pleased how it works.


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