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Blue Ridge mountains - 1910 Climax #1323


Hunt Dowse:
I saw this on the Fordbarn Model A forum:
"Old Timers MARC tour on Blue Ridge Parkway to the Cradle of Forestry yesterday. Steam engine on display is a 1910 Climax #1323 narrow gauge that was used during logging operations here in western North Carolina mountains from the teens to the fifties."
Check out the pictures of the nice looking model A Fords and the #1323.

Glenn Christensen:
Hi Hunt,

A number of years ago, I visited with the folks in the Tweetsie RR shops while they were rebuilding the Climax for display.  They told me that if the funding had been there at the time, they could have made the locomotive operational.  Wouldn't THAT have been cool!?!

Best Regards,

Keith Taylor:
Glenn, that Climax is the prototype for the Bachmann No. 1 gauge model. It was last run at Jetsville, W. Va. for the Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. then was bought by Samborski and Allen for their never built museum in Michigan.

Glenn Christensen:
Thanks Keith!


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