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Garratts for sale!
« on: June 22, 2009, 08:33:03 PM »
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Phil Raynes wrote:
If you enjoyed the photos & videos of the 2' gauge South African NGG16 Garratts (2-6-2+2-6-2) on the Welsh Highland Railway (see other posts elsewhere), here is your opportunity to buy one (or more!)!!!  According to a post on the Welsh Highland Yahoo Group, several are available in South Africa for between 20 to 100K English pounds each + shipping!  Here are the details as posted on the Yahoo Group.

Anyone for "Super Power" on the WW&F??!! (Heh, Heh!  Ducking, & putting on Flameproof garments!) 
Welsh Highland Digest Number 3809
Wed 3/19/08 2:16 PM

Garratts on the ACR to be sold
Posted by: "martinccoombs"
Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:07 am (PDT)

I have just received the following message from Ken Livermore of the
North British Loco Preservation Group. Dreamers or lottery winners
may be interested.
Hello All,

It has been announced this week that six of the stored NGG16 Garratts on the former Alfred County Railway are to be sold. They are currently stored at Port Shepstone and Paddock stations on the line to Harding.

Interested groups or persons are invited to contact Dylan Knott at the e:mail address above. (<theknotts at>)

Best Regards, Ken
Stored NGG16 at Port Shepstone:
Locomotives Nos. 127 and 151 are 100% complete and were operational in 2005. They will require retubing etc.
No. 139 is about 75% complete. Parts are in storage. Also requires overhaul.
No. 156 is stripped of most parts but was last NGG16 ever built so historically significant.

Nos. 142 and 149 are completely derelict. (stored at Paddock)

Prices range from around 20k [British pounds] for a stripped loco to around 100k [British pounds] for a complete engine but offers can be made for all or some of the batch. The prices shown are only intended as a guide.

This may be the only opportunity to purchase an NGG16 as the Transnet engines are unlikely to be sold.

petecosmob replied:
I wonder if there may be an opportunity for obtaining parts (cylinders, wheelsets etc) for no's 11 and 12?

Phil Raynes replied:

There has been a similar discussion on some of the Welsh Highland forum/discussion pages about such a project using one chassis from one end (2-6-2) of an extra Garratt to build a simple 2-6-2 over there.  One thought was to even use the boiler as well.  I do not know about the possibilities, but if you look at photos of the #87 being rebuilt at Boston Lodge, you might be able to tell if the 2-6-2 chassis could be modified for such a project. 


petecosmob replied:
Ok,... so what's to be of the OTHER end of THAT Garratt? Perhaps some deal could be worked out to bennefit both museums? If one of the UK lines picked up a Garratt and only used HALF of it, how much would it cost to ship pieces of it to the US? FWIU it's not THAT unreasonable to ship overseas these days, it's the cost of diesel fuel from the port to the final destination that's a killer.
Eh,... who knows. VERRY interesting FFT though.

Wayne Laepple replied:
Reminds me of that old saying, "Half a Garratt is better than none."

Phil Raynes replied:
Errrr.... just how "old" IS that saying, Wayne??!!   
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