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Fred Richardson
« on: June 22, 2009, 08:13:32 PM »
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Bruce Wilson wrote:
By a posting within the Edaville USA discussion forum, Brenda Johnson has informed readers of the passing of Fred Richardson.

Fred was President of the Edaville Railroad following the death of F. Nelson Blount in the late 1960's, and he continued in that role until George Bartholomew bought the railroad in the early 70's.

In June of 1997, Fred's 80th birthday was celebrated at Edaville with a special train made possible by Paul Hallet and Rick Knight of South Carver Rail and volunteers working to reopen Edaville.

Fred continued his support of Edaville and both his enthusiasm and encouragement for two foot gage preservation.

It is my immediate regret that I did not arrange to interview Mr. Richardson and ask of his recollections of trips and experiences that he shared with F. Nelson Blount to the S.R. & R.L. back in the 1930's.

Fortunately many of thier experiences are written within the co-authored book "Along the Iron Trail".

My sympathies go out to his friends and family.

Steam replied:
Exactly 2 years ago, we had the pleasure of conducting a 2 hour videotape interview with Fred Richardson at his home in Rhode Island.  We discussed his entire life, his relationship with Nelson Blount, Edaville, Steamtown, etc. The tape is currently being edited and visual material inserted where appropriate. Hopefully later this year the finished product will be available to all interested persons on DVD.  Stay tuned...

Richard W. Symmes

Bill Sample replied:
Well done, Richard.  I will definitely be interested.
Those who worked for the Maine two-footers, like World War I veterans, are or are nearly all gone.  Next to disappear have been the pioneering two-footer preservationists - Ellis Atwood, Nelson Blount, Linwood Moody, Lawrence Brown, Ed Mead, Harry Percival and Fred Richardson are those who come to my mind, and now they have passed on.   I'm glad I got to meet 5 of them, wish I had talked with them a bit more.  Thanks to Richard's work, I'll have a chance to know Fred a bit better.

Mike Fox replied:
Yes. Please make some kind of formal announcement. With all the info. Sounds like something I would like to have.

Steam replied:
We plan to make a copy of the Richardson interview available to all the New England rail museums for their archives, and also to place copies in gift shops of the more appropriate (2-foot) museums.  We will keep you updated on the progress of this venture.

Richard Symmes
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