Author Topic: B+SR Coach 11 going to Boothbay?  (Read 8737 times)

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B+SR Coach 11 going to Boothbay?
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:11:04 PM »
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elecuyer wrote:

Looks like Boothbay is getting B & SR coach 11. Good for them. I *think* this is the last piece of orginal Maine equipment in South Carver - anyone know for sure?

-Ed Lecuyer

Bruce Wilson replied:
That's good news Ed, thanks for sharing that with us!

Last I knew, the former Franklin & Megantic coach was still at Edaville, in service and re-trucked with the "Hamilton" trucks.

I believe Boothbay Railway Village has a former F & M combination car  (1885 Laconia) on display, slightly at odds with what the newspaper article said about Bridgton no. 11 being the railway's first authentic acquisition.

Anyway...hats off to the folks at B.R.V. for bringing the Bridgton car home to Maine...!

James Patten replied:
I believe #11 arrived sometime last year.  Jason told me the tale of them taking it around the loop to see if it would clear all the curves...and it didn't.  It got caught up one of the curves coming out of the covered bridge.  That's one of the "old" sections of track which hasn't been replaced yet.  I think they're going to rework the track in that area come spring time.

All they need to do is get that F&M combine in service and they could run a fully authentic train (well, if you don't count the german steamer...), as they have a SR&RL caboose on the property.

Bruce Wilson replied:
I wondered about that curve as well...

Hopefully someone from B.R.V. will be able to provide a little info on the car and if they plan a restoration on it in time.

Stewart Rhine replied:
B&SR Coach 11 was sitting in front of the Boothbay station when I saw it two weeks ago.  I went to Boothbay's shop to see the progress with 9's boiler and Jason mentioned that they had taken #11 around the loop.  I looked inside the car and it has alot of new wood.  It looks strange not having windows up in the clerestory.  The seating is bench style, like our coach 8.  The ends of the car look original - the lack of end windows speak of it's heritage as a baggage car.

Steve Klare replied:
I remember hearing something about Boothbay getting an SR&RL caboose about a year ago from MNGRR.

Is that true? If so what are their plans for it?

bfanslau replied:
Yes, we at Boothbay have aquired coach 11.  As you all know, those writeups in the news arn't always 100% accurate.  We do still have the F&M combine 11, along with Sandy River caboose 551 on loan from the good folks at Maine Narrow Gauge, a big thank you to them for allowing us the oppertunity to restore that car 2 years ago.  551 sees service during weekends and events.

Edaville has SR&RL coach 21 still in use on their train fairly regularly.

For now, we are just glad to aquire & perserve coach 11, but we do have hopes for it in the future.  Ultimatly it should return to its baggage configuration, but I will say that there are a few other projects higher on the list.

We did take it around the loop, and as planned we need to do some realgning before we put the car into service.  Basically the old curve going into the bridge has no spiral, so the problem is that coupler alignment on one car changes more than the one its coupled to (expecially with this 48' car).  We are going to be doing this work in the spring which was also necessary to get the F&M combine arond...............(hint ...hint.........)..............we are currently building a set of passenger trucks for the combine.

As for Stewarts comment on the clerestory windows, we do not yet know what is going on up there.  both sides are covered with plywood.  I dont know if only framing is there, or if everything is and just covered over as an easy way to stop water penetration without getting into a massive reconstruction project.  Once it get a bit warmer, we will go investigate.  Certinaly in the fairly near term, the clerestory windows will be replaced.  It does look strange!

Hope that helps.


Stephen Hussar replied:
Brian, thanks for posting here. Please let us know when you plan to work on the curve as I would be happy to help.
Ed Lecuyer
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