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Some summer pictures...
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:50:28 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:
Hi all,
some pictures from last weekend (7-12, 7-13) around the museum. Enjoy!

New shop lighting, expertly installed by Josh Recave

Jason firing No 10...

Passengers enjoying the runaround at Alna Center...

Rick at the throttle... 

Wayne Laepple replied:
Nice! photos, Steve. I especially like the one of the little boy watching no. 10. I can't imagine he'd be quite so calm if it was a 400-ton 4-8-4!

James Patten replied:
Great photos!

OK, how well does everybody know their railroad?  Where on the line was "Rick at the Throttle" taken?

Steve, don't answer until we've got some responses.

My guess is as the engine was about to go over Humason Trestle.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Thanks for the pics Steve,  I'd say the shot of Rick is just north of Humason Brook trestle. The water in the background is the clue.  It could also be at the bottom of the ladder, (where we fixed the wash out) but I'll stick with my first choice.

Bill Reidy replied:

Looking at Rick's photo, my first thought was the bottom of the ladder, too.


Josh Botting replied:
The water tank is on the right, which means the picture is looking west.
With the lack of clutter in the woods, and the stream visable, this must be just North of the trestle, before the stream turns to the west.

elecuyer replied:
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I split off the separate discussion regarding shop lighting into a new thread.
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