Author Topic: WW+F and Boothbay Rwy Receive NHRS Grants!!!  (Read 2535 times)

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WW+F and Boothbay Rwy Receive NHRS Grants!!!
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:41:13 PM »
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elecuyer wrote:

Congratulations to both!!!

-Ed Lecuyer

petecosmob replied:
But won't it take more than $3,500 to buy 3.4 miles of rail? Or has rail been found at close to $1,000/mi?

elecuyer replied:
The NRHS only gives out a maximum of $5000 per year to qualifying projects. In actuality, they haven't given out a $5000 grant in several years. In this case, the "project" presented to the NRHS basically boiled down to "help us pay for the rail for this Fall's work weekend."

We were blessed with $3500 - which was the largest grant awarded by the NRHS this year. This is a matching grant - which means that they will not fund a whole project.

Basically it boils down to another $3500 for the rail fund - but also commits the museum to fund and purchase rail for this October's work weekend.

Bill Reidy replied:
Great news, Ed!

Thanks to the NRHS and everyone involved at the museum to secure this grant.

- Bill

mikechoochoo replied:
So how much do we have to raise to match the grant (How much is in the rail fund now?)  I want to see #9 completed, And the rest rooms and parking lot done. but I don't want to see matching money left on the table. any extra rail we buy this year we don't have to buy next year or the year after.

I send a extra donation with my membership each year, would the board like it "undesignated" this year?
Mike Nix in Minnesota

Allan Fisher replied:
We will have no trouble matching the NHRS Grant. As of today we have pledges and checks of over $2000 to match the NHRS Grant.

I am not speaking for the Board, but I believe it is always better to give money undesignated so that the board can use the donations for the highest priority projects. We elect Board Members every year to manage our museum and see that the wishes of all members and donors are fulfilled to the best of their ability. The success and reputation of our museum speaks very well for our Board's fiscal management.
Ed Lecuyer
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