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Tours of the Narrow Gauge by Bill Reidy
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:36:30 PM »
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Dave Buczkowski wrote:
I arrived home from Chicago last night and was greeted by the latest issue of Maine 2-Foot Quarterly. There is a nice review (and I agree with it) of Bill's revision and expansion of our old Tour Book. It's nice to see someone else giving Bill the credit he is due for all the work he put into the edition. I look forward to seeing it reviewed in the NY Times Review of Books. Nice job Bill!

Stewart Rhine replied:
Dave,  I saw the review and I couldn't agree more.  I know you had a hand in producing the Tour Book too.  You both did a great job.  Bill spent alot of time putting it together and I think it's one of the best guides I have seen.  One example is that I brought back copies to 2 members in Maryland who have never toured the WW&F.  After reading the guide they know more about the line than people who have been to the railroad a number of times. 

Bill Reidy replied:
Thanks guys.  You both put in a lot of work to the book, too, as well as several other museum members.

I just hope the review adds more sale revenue for our gift shop!

- Bill
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