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James Patten:
I was just out on the SR&RL's website and found the website's been recently updated with project updates for the three cars they leased from MNGRR and for Monson #3.

They show a "B&H Boxcar 54" which is now an excursion #54.  I'm guessing if it was a boxcar, Edaville stripped it to the floor and built a new body once upon a time.  It does seem short enough to have been a boxcar at one time, maybe.  Any comments on this?

Duncan Mackiewicz:
No comment from me about the history of box car #54 / excursion car #54 but I will say the folks at the SR&RL are definitely not afraid to tackle car rebuilding.  From the updated pictures of the various cars they have leased as well as some they own it seems they do some pretty nice carpentry work too.

Paul Horky:
Maybe my inquiery as to what is going on at Phillips got same action. I only hope they continue to update so we can all be keeped up on what is being done. It's always good to see the good work being done as it helps keep everyone motivated in their own projectes.

Mark Edry:
So if SR&RL has leased from MNGRR the B&SR boxcar 54 which Edaville converted to an excursion car, then what about the B&SR boxcar 54 at MNG (photographed in 4/08)? Which is/was the real Boxcar 54? Or did this stuff go through so many permutations at Edaville that it's just anybody's guess?

Mike Fox:
One thing I have noticed with MNGRR/Edaville equipment, the numbers are not always accurate. For instance, the tank car restored at MNGRR is the wrong number. 14 was the larger tank, which is now at WW&F Railway in Alna, and the 22 was the smaller tank. Wooden cars were built without serial numbers so there is no actual way to trace something that has been modified, other than records or word of mouth. Or even worse, "I think I know what that one was".


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