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New Insignia for Return of the Rails

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Glenn Christensen:
Hi Folks,
Bill Shelley has asked me to share this with you.
It is the new insignia for the group "Return of the Rails", which as you may recall spearheaded the drive to return the B&SR flanger for display in Bridgton.

True Bridgton fans will immediately recognize the design's source.  A local restuaranteur kindly donated funding so the insignia could be professionally done.
The group continues to work behind the scenes in Bridgton to expand its local support.  This insignia and additional signage will be installed at the exhibit site in the weeks to come.  Additional development is expected, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you'd like to assist "Return of the Rails" in their mission, you may either sign up at the Chamber of Commerce office, next to the flanger on Route 302 or you can call Bill Shelley directly at:  (207)221-0205  

Best Regards,
Glenn Christensen

Mike Fox:
Would make a dandy patch to go with my B&H patch. Thanks for the contact info also.

Pete "Cosmo" Barrington:
Yes-yes! PATCHES!
If you make them, they will sell!  ;)

Allan Fisher:
We have had WW&F patches in the museum store for over a year and a half and have sold 23 of them.

Patches are popular with those who love patches, but at least in the two foot community, there aren't many aficionados

Now pins - they sell. ( over 200 sold in two years)

Dave Buczkowski:
How about T-shirts? I think you could sell a few of those. You have to sew patches on a shirt or put them in a display case. Nice logo. I'd buy a shirt (XL please...) I'm sure allan wouldn't mind displaying a few at the WW&F. It's a good way to contribute to the return of the the two footers to their original home in Maine.


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