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Visiting Steam
« on: April 01, 2009, 02:19:43 PM »
Now that #9's adventure is out of the bag, I have been given permission to release the following:

After several months of very hush hush negotiations, the Welsh Highland Railway has agreed to lease Beyer-Garratt NG-16 #137 to the WW&F.
This 2-6-2-+2-6-2 will be deck loaded on the HMS Titanic for a trans Atlantic voyage and be unloaded at special facilities at the Port of Wiscasset.
From there temporary track will be laid to the railhead at Sheepscot.
The #137 will enter regular excursion service after its shake down runs. It will remain through the 2009 season, returning to the WHR in late October.

There was much hand wringing over the size of the locomotive, but even the Mainers said OK after they were shown the dollar potential of this venture. Crews will be trained for the left hand operation and the proper South African and Welsh terminology.