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Night Photo Session
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:49:57 PM »
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Justin Franz wrote:
Hello everyone,

I may have mentioned this here before, but a recent conversation with a friend re-sparked the idea. What would the possibility be of being able to put together a night photo session sometime this summer? Possibly something with the #10 and a few different scenes. Lighting would be no problem as we have Lumedyne flash systems and such. If need be, to cover costs of running the engine, those of us participating could each toss in some money for a donation.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

-Justin Franz

Mike Fox replied:
If a night photo session is wanted, I would suggest doing it when the sun set early. Otherwise it might be a late night for the crew. In October, the sun sets between 6 and 7 pm. If the sunset was 7, it would be totally dark by 8. Towards the end of October when the sun sets at around 6, it would be totally dark by seven. But if you try to do it during July or August, you would have to wait until after 9 for it to be dark enough. Here is a shot I took after the Halloween trains in October. The generator was just shut off and the headlight was fading, while they dumped the fire. Nothing planned, just normal end of day operations.

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
We normally do some night operations on Saturday of Fall Work Weekend- mainly just a nice thing to do for the crew.  If there's interest, we could arrange a second trick train crew to expand this slightly.

With any such operation, we'd be whistle-limited out of respect for the neighbors.  Also, we'd probably gather a bunch of idea requests and then plan and execute the event- this is more efficient than a completely informal arrangement.

see ya
Ed Lecuyer
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