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Passenger Cars
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:44:36 PM »
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Ted Miles wrote:

Can anybody give and update on the passenger cars hand brake project. Some work was going on to restore the hand brakes to the #3 a while back.
was the work completed?

What about the Edaville built cars? They probably did not have hand brakes; but they can use the also.

A while ago a set of passenger car trucks were purchased from Edaville, USA. What car are they under or will they go under?

This time of year you will of course be working indoors, but some museums do not have an indoors to go to. So we are lucky in one respect!

Ted Miles

James Patten replied:
Brakes were installed on the south truck of coach 3 last spring.  We ran all year with the brakes and they worked very well.  It allowed us to run without the caboose and with either the open car or coach 8 during the summer.

None of the Edaville-built cars have hand brakes.  Coach 3 still had vestiges of brake equipment (hangers and whatnot) underneath it, so we had something to build on.  Coach 8 has no such equipment.

The trucks are still sitting outside.  I think we may need to do work on them but I forget.

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
We've been steering our brake work to coincide with one of our members who has been using his vacation time to help put brakes on our cars.  I've currently been getting parts ready for him to install brakes on coach 8 and flat 126 during his trip this spring.

The current plan for the passenger trucks is that they will be a catylist for a new coach construction- however the timing isn't right to begin such a project.  The shop plans to restore the trucks (wheel turning, frame straightening, bearing work, brakes, etc) within the next couple of years and to announce to the wood folks "no excuses now!."  Seriously, though, we're also doing some research on passenger car framing to make sure we get it right when the time comes.

see ya

Glenn Christensen replied:
we're also doing some research on passenger car framing to make sure we get it right when the time comes.

Hi Jason,

You may want to touch base with these folks about wood car construction if you haven't already done so.

Best Regards,

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
Thanks, Glenn for the contact.

see ya
Ed Lecuyer
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