Author Topic: Plow Train & Clean Up Saturday, Dec 22, 2007  (Read 2679 times)

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Plow Train & Clean Up Saturday, Dec 22, 2007
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:32:24 PM »
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Jason M Lamontagne wrote:
Hi all,

As reported, we'll be running a plow train tomorrow morning, leaving at 8AM.  The plan is that it will be steam assisted.

While this may seam like fun- we're in for a tough time.  Please come to help the efforts if you are able to.  The snow is stiff- especially that early- but we are trying to be ready for public trains by 10.

I'm hoping we can have the main line dug out by hand from the north Sheepscot Switch to the station, and other Sheepscot tracks shoveled out (there aren't many more) prior to the 8 departure, so when we return there isn't much work left to do.

I'm also hoping there is a crew on hand who can go ahead to Trask and Averil to clean those crossings ahead of time or while we are plowing.

Please come help!

see ya

Joe Fox replied:
It was very hard for the two engines to push that much snow, and the icy rails didn't help matters any. It took an hour and a half to plow out the line from Sutters, to the bottom of the Ladder. Very slow, and tiring process. Talk to you guys later.

Ed Lecuyer
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