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Size of Sheepscot sign
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:26:02 PM »
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James Patten wrote:
Somebody has emailed me for the dimensions of the Sheepscot Station sign.  Does anyone know it off the top of their heads?

Stewart Rhine replied:
James,  The sign is 49 1/2" long X 10 3/4" high X 2 1/4" thick.  The letters are 5" high.   The sign is larger than the original that was on the first  Sheepscot flag stop.  The present sign is one of two that were mounted on a post at the edge of the Cross Road.   I think Joe R. or Jim Bergman made the signs.  The present station had a small sign on it when first built.  I removed it (it's now in bay one) when I repainted the building into the two-tone scheme 7 years ago.   I restored one of the post signs for use on the station as it more closely resembled the original.   It fits between the door frame and corner board because Sheepscot station was built about 24" too long.

Here's proof that the signs are too big.  I relettered the other post sign for the Alna Center station.  That structure is built to the correct size.  When I installed the sign it over lapped the door frame and corner boards about an inch.  There should be an inch of space between the sign and the verticles.  The  original Sheepscot sign would have been about 46" long.  There is no proof that Alna Center ever had a station sign so the information is based on photos of the original Sheepscot station.

Next year I plan on building a HEADTIDE sign.  The colors are reversed on that one.


Dave Buczkowski replied:
Just wondering Stewart, where will you be putting that Headtide sign for now? If you place it where it belongs it should give us a powerful incentive to get the rail there at all due speed!

John McNamara replied:
Let's not offend the intervening neighbors by being too pushy (i.e. putting up signs before everyone between here and there has agreed).

Stewart Rhine replied:
Dave,  I made the ALNA CENTER station sign about 2 years before the rails reached the field.  I brought the sign up during the picnic one year so James could get photos of it.  I had it in the freight shed so everyone could see it.  The HEAD TIDE sign could go on display in there too.

I have to determine the correct size as it would fit beween front window frame and door frame on the WWW&F's agent style stations.  I need to measure Albion to get the numbers.  Anyone going up that way in the next couple months?

It may be a bit longer than the SHEEPSCOT sign.  It is also a different style as it doesn't have a framed edge.  The corners have reverse curve cut and the edges are painted white.  It'll be a fun project.
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