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Keeping the Shop Organized
« on: January 25, 2009, 07:55:16 PM »
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Jason M Lamontagne wrote:
Also if you'd like to clean No 9 parts, the remainder of the eccentrics, cylinder heads, and other parts from the forward frame can be cleaned.  James can help direct this (I hope).

I'll be there Sunday, but not Saturday.

And certainly, the shop can be cleaned and organized.  The big one is finding a hope for tools, putting hardware (bolts etc) in there rightful place or scrapped.  Most tools already have a home- if you can find existing homes, great, but don't stress.  Even if you organize into neat piles on the bench- I can take care of it Sunday.  Even if you create some new places for things- it's better than we have now.

I'd like us to start making a conscious effort to keep the shop neat- this will make for a more professional atmosphere, hopefully leading to more efficient work efforts.

Thanks in advance for anything that gets done!  Cleaning is also my main goal on Sunday, in preparation for the start of regular No 9 days beginning in a couple weeks.

see ya

gordon cook replied:
Here, here, I agree with Jason's message regarding cleaning the shop.
BUT, Before we clean and organize again could we create a paper map for everything and make sure that those locations are known to everyone?
I often spend time looking for a tool or part because it might be here, or there, or we don't have one at all but no one knows. Also, our tradition of just dropping what we are using at the end of the work day doesn't help, and I am as guilty of doing that as anyone.  Various folks (including me) have organized stuff in various ways, but I think we need a serious, top to bottom, well planned reorganization and to stick to it.
Any stuff that isn't being used should be moved out in order to to free up space, especially as the 9 project hooks up into the company notch.
And, at the end of the day, encourage everyone to return the the tools and materials to their designated spots.  Jason has mentioned  establishing a new tradition of 'pick up time', just like lunch is now.
I'd be happy to do organize the reorganization as long as everyone is willing to live with my organization.


elecuyer replied:
This topic was split from "Work on Sat. Nov 3rd" as it has taken a very different turn.

(For the record, Emily, Bob "Ashman", and I cleaned some of the machines in the shop on Sat. I didn't want to try to do any organizing - since I'm not one who knows his way around a machine shop. A map, as Gordon proposed, would have been helpful, had we decided to take on that task.)

-Ed Lecuyer

Dave Buczkowski replied:
A friend of mine once bought a house that from a former submariner. As the space on a sub is very limited he got used to being extremely organized. The shop walls were all pegboard or something similar and had the outline of the tool where it was to be hung. I.e. the outline of a hammer where a hammer should hang. I sympathize with Gawdon as on the occasional times when I have needed a tool while doing something at the Museum I've spent more time looking for it then actually using it. I have something similar set up at my home work bench. It works for me but not so well for the other family members...

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
Hi all,

Ed, Emily, others- thank you for your efforts on Saturday.

Steve Smith and I spent considerable time on Sunday organizing Bay 4.  I like Gordon's ideas of planning this a bit- but of course I had not read that before Sunday...

All available bench space is free- tools are put in their place- and things can generally be found.  The shop is now workable- i.e. we can hold a No 9 work day with some degree of cleanliness.  However, there are still problem spots.  The shelving behind 9's frame were only touched upon- the bolt bin needs to be gone through- the machinist's drawers out to be really organized (probably Gordon and I), drill bits out to be organized, as should all the drawers in the red tool box by the small lathe.

There are areas that I'm pleased with- the entire southwest corner bench complete with white shelving is quite nice now- with only regularly used tooling there.  While individual drawers in the red tool box need organizing- the labels on each drawer (files, reamers, drill bits, etc) are well adhered to.  We have the surface table bench as a great working area.

Another 1/2 day with 3 or 4 of us, especially with a plan, would make Bay 4 most respectable.  I won't be around this weekend as it is my anniversary weekend- we can plan a cleaning day shortly after the No 9 day if we don't do it then.

I'm not terribly opposed to a few of us spending a bit of time on the morning of the 17th to finish things up- but I really want to get some momentum going on No 9.

see ya

see ya

Wayne Laepple replied:
As my departed father, a maintenance machinist his entire life, used to say, "A place for everything and everything in its place."

I remember working with him in his shop, and he always spent the last half hour of the day putting tools away and sweeping the benches and then the floor so everything was ready to go the next day. If only I had adhered as carefully to that habit. (Don't anyone look too closely at my desk, please!)

James Patten replied:
Something I've always wanted are correct labels for things in the shop.  I'm not talking about labels for hammers, but for things like nails, bolts, nuts, etc.  I don't know the difference between a 6-penny and an 8-penny nail, or visually the difference between 3/4" and 5/16" bolt.  I'm also lazy, so I don't want to measure everything.

Mike Fox replied:
I have started that very thing in my barn with the correct labels on the drawers with the size and length of the bolts on them. Not finished with that yet as I keep finding other things to organize. I take a permanent marker and draw around the tool when I get it hung in a spot I like. When you look around to see what isn't put away yet, you know exactly what to look for. ut then you have to remember the last place it was used.

Stewart Rhine replied:
James, A few of us cleaned out the circular bin (stack unit) in bay 3 during the N.G. convention.  We rounded up all of the loose nails and nail boxes we could find and organized them in the bins by size.  The bins need to be marked.  We then rebuilt the lower shelves in bay 2 and stacked the large/long bolts in there.

Last month I built a new shelf over the steps and put all the light bulbs on it.  I collected bulbs from all over the shop and bays and was surprised at how many we had.  The evening I nailed the shelf braces up I suddenly heard the sound of stones moving upstairs.  I then heard someone laughing.  I was the only one at the railroad so it startled me.  I walked up to the top of the steps and found a Halloween headstone decoration moving and laughing.  I won't soon forget that night.   

Jason M Lamontagne replied:
Hmm, that happened to me also, when I was alone upstairs last week.  I turned it off but perhaps I should have left it so others could partake in the experience...

Since we're talking about Halloween in the shop organization thread, maybe we should talk about (alternative) storage for the Halloween decorations.  It uses up a full 10% of our upstairs storage space, and with that gone, I'm guessing the additional space would allow for a complete and thorough organization of all of upstairs.

see ya

Stewart Rhine replied:
Jason,  I'm glad you had the same fun experience.   It was like a low budget horror show!

The entire center area of the second floor was empty during Halloween and it looked great.  If the decorations were stored elsewhere more shelf units could be installed along the west and north wall.  That would create more organized storage and more floor space.  It doesn't make sense to clutter the place all year with stuff that's used for just two days.  Maybe we should build a floor over part of bay 3 for light storage.  The doorway is already there.  Just a thought.

Bill Sample replied:
One request for upstairs at the shop - some of us from away have been using that area to change clothes at the beginning and end of the day, so until a more permanent area is available, could some space be maintained there as a changing area for the volunteers?  It's a lot easier than using the port-a-potty.
Ed Lecuyer
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