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Ira Schreiber:
In 2004 a long range plan process was started resulting in the 2005 Long Range Plan document.
This has proven to be a very good guideline for the museum.

That said, things do change and the plan is no exception. It appears some of the items have been a little too ambitious and others are completed.

As with any document of this type, it serves as a guideline not a "cast in stone" timetable.
After almost four years, it appears to me to be ready for an update. Not a wholesale revision but mostly an adjustment of timelines and the review of priorities, given the changes beyond our control.

What does our 5% forum membership think of this?

Ira Schreiber

Bill Sample:
I think a review would be a good idea, but I feel comfortable with leaving the decision up to the Board as I feel they could best determine the need for any plan revision.

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
It's true that the LRP can be updated but remember the town has to approve any changes regarding building construction, drainage and land use.  The LRP Committee did an outstanding job with the original plans but yes, some things have fallen behind.   LRP timelines are driven by the availability of funds and volunteers to complete the projects.  We probably need to adjust some of the completion dates.  I think the Board / LRP Committee will revise the document when they see fit.

Ira Schreiber:
Remember, this is a forum, a place for ideas and discussion.
As a forum, it in no way replaces or substitutes for the Board of Directors or any other official entities.
My entertaining new or diferent ideas is just a way to stimulate thought and discussion, nothing more.

I often do not even always agree with points I bring up but again, to stimulate others.

So, please do not use the forum for what it is not, but only for an online meeting place for ideas and information.


Ira Schreiber

Stephen Hussar:
Maybe a "live" discussion in the near future...on the chat site?  Direct link: http://pub15.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1286570362  The chat can also be accessed by going to: http://railwayvideo.org/chatlive.html


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