Author Topic: Monson/Edaville steam in NEW YORK.  (Read 6296 times)

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Monson/Edaville steam in NEW YORK.
« on: January 25, 2009, 07:15:00 PM »
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Ira Schreiber wrote:
Check out the November, 1960 issue of Trains magazine for a photo of ex-Monson #4 in Bronx, New York, running from "Chicago" to "San Francisco" at the Freedomland amusement park.

Steve Klare replied:
If you look at Mark One Video's Edaville Railroad it shows the Freedomland operation, including what are obviously Maine Two Foot cars painted for the "Santa Fe"

Even though I'd save a lot of gas, brake linings and time if they were still there, I'm glad the two footers are home where they belong.

Two footers inna Bronx? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Stephen Hussar replied:
That's great, Steve -- thanks for posting the links. I've seen still images from Freedomland, but never any film footage.

Steve Klare replied:
Thanks, Stephen!

Freedomland was closed and demolished before I had any chance of going there. The site was used for a moderate income housing development called Co-op City.

The funny part is nearly every time I head up to Maine, my first landfall on the mainland is the Bronx, and I drive right past Co-op city on  I-95. I pass by sort of a Maine Two Footer site within an hour  and don't hit another for another eight or ten!
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