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Archival supplies question


Ed Lecuyer:
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Bruce Wilson wrote:

--- Quote ---Does anyone know of a horizontal format archival sleeve (three hole punched) for use in a ring binder that would hold archival paper having dimensions of 8 1/2 " tall by 14" in length?
I have a very fragile book of Bridgton & Saco River Railroad records that need to be removed from the original paperboard covers and sleeved individually before any further deterioration can occur.
I've checked catalogs of firms such as "Light Impressions" and done a search on eBay, but haven't found anything.

Wanted: Photographs by Linwood Moody, Phil Bonnet, Lawrence Brown and other first generation narrow gage rail enthusiasts. Also seeking collectibles, ephemera and correspondence offered by and exchanged between narrow gage enthusiasts.
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elecuyer replied:

--- Quote ---Try posting this on If you don't already know about this site - it is the premere discussion group for serious railway preservationists. They get (and answer) these sort of questions all the time.
-Ed Lecuyer
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