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Ed Lecuyer:
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Steve Gross wrote:

--- Quote ---I am not a great modeller but I enjoy model railroading in my own way.  My first attempt to convert an N-scale locomotive to a freelance forney (using an Atlas 0-4-0 switcher) turned out OK cosmetically but, since the main power pickup had been in the tender, it never ran well as a forney on the HOn30 branch I added to my HO layout (my second attempt at a conversion, using a Life Like 0-6-0 tank engine that I popped the middle drivers off, turned out much better and actually runs).  I'm not good with little electric motors so I had to decide what to do with a non-running forney.  A diorama seemed the perfect answer, which then led me to ponder what would make an appropriate subject for a non-moving forney.  Perhaps the most famous stationary forney came to mind.  As I say, I am far from a master modeller, but I am happy with the way the diorama turned out and thought that the members of this forum might appreciate the results.  (An interesting note - I started work on the diorama 75 years to the day after the events that inspired it.)

--- End quote ---

petecosmob replied:

--- Quote ---Wow Steve,
that's GREAT work!
I also have a similar conversion I tried many years ago.
I may go back and try the 0-6-0 minus-middle-driver trick
--- End quote ---

Mike Fox replied:

--- Quote ---I am impressed with your water. I have yet to try creating moving water but I hope when I do, it looks like yours. And everything else fits into place. No sign of the "foolish Four" gas powered track car so I imagine the guys are long gone.
--- End quote ---


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