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Ed Lecuyer:
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Mike Fox wrote:

--- Quote ---Picked up on this story on Railway Preservation. Looks a lot like an RS-1. But hard to tell.
--- End quote ---

Phil Raynes replied:

--- Quote ---My understanding is that it is (was?!! ) a Timken Steel GE 80 ton center cab being transported from Canton, Ohio to somewhere down south.  The trailer's connections separated and the trailer hit the guardrail and first bridge support, then the loco kept going taking out the rest of the bridge supports.  Last I heard was that the loco & trailer have to stay there until the bridge is supported by other means, as the whole bridge weight is resting on the loco.  I imagine that the cab is somewhat flattened!!!   First TV estimates for rebuilding the bridge were around $50 million, but others figure that is way too high.  The trucking company (and their insurance!) have to pay for the rebuilding and the repairs to the loco (if it is repairable!)!
--- End quote ---

Steve Klare replied:

--- Quote ---I guess 50 Million just doesn't buy what it used to these days....
--- End quote ---

Mike Fox replied:

--- Quote ---I guess the standard (for our Company) Million dollar cargo insurance might not cover it.
--- End quote ---

Bill Sample replied:

--- Quote ---For a look at a local example, if it is still there, at the Maine Narrow Gauge in Portland was a GE industrial switcher that tangled with a low overhead object, kept as a parts source.  I believe this locomotive hit a low bridge enroute to Edaville years ago.
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