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« on: January 21, 2009, 10:25:29 PM »
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Dave Buczkowski wrote:
Has anyone noticed that the photos on the WW&F portion of NERail has been reduced from 1043 to 737? Was this intentional or inadvertent? Inquiring minds are curious.

Mike Fox replied:
I have e-mailed the curator to see if there is a simple explanation. Maybe the computer can't add.

Allan Fisher replied:
Maybe I'm all wet, but I have always thought that pictures published on a public forum should be only the very best that each poster has taken.
I know that I don't go back more than 100 images when I review the NERAIL as it takes too long.
I would be very happy if there were only 100 photos posted on the WW&F, every one of which is the highest quality and a possible award winning image.
Quality should trump quantity every time.

Bill Reidy replied:
I couldn't disagree more with the previous post.
For members who don't live near the museum, NERail provides a wonderful way to follow the museum's progress.  I'm always happy when someone posts new photos, regardless of quality.  I get to see what's new at the museum.
And aside from my own photos, I think most of what's been posted has been very good quality.

Brian Murphy replied:
I have to agree with bill on this one. The more pictures the better for everyone who wish to see what the WWF is all about!

Mike Fox replied:
I forgot to reply to this thread. The curator told me someone removed all their photos of the museum from the website. It is unfortunate for us to loose the photos but the photographer has the right.
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