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Stephen Hussar: Jim Thorpe, PA. Here's Gordon Cook and Wayne Laepple about to ride behind some big steam, R&N 4-6-2 No 425. The 425 is a 1928 Baldwin originally built for the Gulf, Mobile & Northern. Hat's off to Andy Mueller and the R&N shop crew for getting the 425 back under steam!

Rumor has it that as the train passed through White Haven, Bernie Perch, who lives along the right of way, had rigged up WW&F No 11's bell outside for the benefit of the passengers. Many oooh's and aaaahh's were heard! Way to go, Bernie!


Stephen Hussar:
And here's the scene.. Big thanks to Harry Western for the photo!

Bernie Perch:
I am spoiled----my house is about 100' behind me.  I keep the bank cleared so I can watch trains all the time.  I even have a spotlight for night.  One gets used to the noise.  The R&N local even blows AT the house--I know some of the guys including Chad Frederickson who is waving from the 425.  Wayne waved from the vestibule of a coach about 5 seconds after the photo was taken.  Wayne and Gordon both managed to wave on the return trip.  Thanks Stephen.  It's fun doing crazy things once in a while.  BTW, I made the patterns for 425's front number plate.  The R&N purchased the plate from Project 113.


Keith Taylor:
I don't care if the town did change its name, "Jim Thorpe" will always be Mauch Chunk to me!

Gordon Cook:
And just about when that picture was taken, the engineer cleared the cylinders and I got a shower! A little more water than #10 spits out, that's for sure.
Bernie, the bell looks great, wonderful to see it, and your place.
A nice ride, too bad it rained on the way back, but Jim Thorpe (or M. C. if you prefer) is sweet, some nice restaurants, shops, and inns. Lots of trains in that area, a lot to see.
The 425 puts on a loud show, we were in the 4th car and she was very audible.

Wayne and Kitty and their friends Don and Judy on the train. Don's into steamboats, and he told me about a meet in Boston on  Sept. 20 and 21'st, which will be at the Galleria Mall in Cambridge around lunch.


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