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Post # 8000
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:21:50 PM »
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James Patten wrote:
I saw that the post counter at the bottom of the page was at 7999, so I wanted to be number 8000.
Generally meaningless, yes, but I couldn't resist.

tomc replied:
You are our nurse/nanny of this list so you can be forgiven.
Where is this counter you speak of?  I can't see it.  Is it just for you?
Tom C.

Joe Fox replied:
On the home page, there is a little section, where it has the newest registered user, it is located just above that. I just found that for the first time myself. Hum. Find something new everytime I come hear, however, I must say I probably would never have found that without yours and James's help, so thanks to both of you.
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum