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Half Brother to #10?
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:21:15 PM »
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Ira Schreiber wrote:
Note the description of the Vulcan. I wonder.....
This is a link to the photo of Vulcan #1
#1, 1927 Vulcan 8 ton.  Originally built for 30” narrow gauge track, this little engine worked a sugar plantation in Louisiana before being converted to standard gauge (4’ 8 ½”) in the 1950’s.  Gas-mechanical. One of the first pieces of rolling stock purchased by the FMF&W, the #1 was in poor condition and restored in the Fall of 1993.  Restored in good running condition, stored serviceable, 6cyl Ford gas, 4 speed trans with reverser, manual brakes.

Mike Fox replied:
It must look odd. Originally built for 30". Must look about like a roller skate on a set of wagon wheels. Radio flyer, not horse drawn.
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