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« on: January 21, 2009, 11:10:25 PM »
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Ira Schreiber wrote:
From Trains News Updates....
Norwegian railroad aims to reduce moose collisions
- The Norwegian railroad Jernbaneverket will spend 90 million Norwegian Krone, about $3.3 million, to prevent moose collisions, the newspaper Aftenpolten reported.
The money will go toward clearing trees and brush away from railroad tracks, creating new areas where moose can feed in times of heavy snow, and building new fences where possible. Jernbaneverket spokeswoman Anne Marie Storli called it "the biggest campaign against wild animal collisions ever."
Norwegian trains have killed an estimated 13,000 moose since 2000; that averages out to around one moose crash every five hours.

Stephen Hussar replied:
Damn! A moose every 5 hours?! That's a lot of sloppy joes! 

Mike Fox replied:
One Bloody mess after another. But all that bruch cutting and what not will only enable you to see them before you hit them. They are very stubborn creatures and will do as they please. And I hope they are rugged fences they use. The moose around here just walk through a normal cattle fence. Barbed wire doesn't stop them either.

Josh Botting replied:
mmmmmmmm..... moose meet is good....
I just got the permit application in the mail.
Up home I heard that moose in rut would charge an oncoming train!  They thought it was a threat.  I have never seen it though.
However,  I went fishing out side of Island Falls, we had to cross the old B&A line.  Within about 100 yards of the track, there were all kinds of bone chuncks.  My uncle spent a winter shoveling switches on the line, and informed me that this was a common place for the train to hit deer and the coyotes drag the peices into the woods to eat them.  But there were a lot of bone fragments in that area, more than I have ever seen.

tomc replied:
mmmmmmmm..... moose meet is good....
Josh,  not sure I follow you here or is it hear?  Do you mean meat or meet,  I think a meet is scary as it may chase you.  Meat is good to eat,  usually can't chase you unless really spoiled.
Tom C.

Bill Sample replied:
I wonder if the European moose is smaller and less stubborn than ours?
A fence for ours probably would have to look like the heavy duty border fence with Mexico- you know, the one that supposedly is using up the lightweight rails like we need for our track.
And then even that type of fence might not stop a rutting North American moose!

Ira Schreiber replied:
The best way to stop a charging Moose.....................
Cancel his credit cards!!

Josh Botting replied:
Yes, meat
mmmmmmmmm moose chilli!

James Patten replied:
...and coming from Norway, the moose is definitely chilly!!! 

ETSRRCo replied:
Did someone say moose meat?
Eric Bolton
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