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Return to WWF website
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:09:52 PM »
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jockellis wrote:
Is there any way to return to the WW&F Ry website from the forum? I haven't found one and have to retype the name - or some of the letters in the line-  at the top of the screen.
Jock Ellis

elecuyer replied:
I'd like to see that feature, too.
I looked through the admin pages and couldn't find anything like that. The forum software is due to be updated in the coming weeks. Maybe the newer software will have this ability.
-Ed Lecuyer
Asst. Moderator.

Stephen Hussar replied:
In the meantime...why not place a link at the top of each of the headings and make them all "sticky?"

Mike Fox replied:
I simply put it in my favorites. Then all I have to do is click on that.

James Patten replied:
The Museum Discussion forum has a sticky at the top, labeled "About the WW&F" (or something close to that) which has a link in the message.
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum