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Freaky Photo
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:03:49 PM »
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Dana Deering wrote:
Standard Gauge version of Alna Center?  I had to look twice.

Stephen Hussar replied:
Yes, I agree! Newly constructed, with similar vegitation I think...could be the crest of the hill before the ladder. 

Bill Sample replied:
WW&F Track Weekend volunteer Dan DiTullio lives almost within sight of this photo!  The line is actually fairly level in this area - the old Hartford, Providence & Fishkill - New York & New England line was rebuilt to reach a gravel pit.

Joe Fox replied:
Wow. Somebody spent a lot of time cropping the photo to make it look like the tie plates actually belong there.  That does look a lot like Alna Center. Do you think they even have a cockeyed curve? The caption for the photo should actually say, In a far far away place, lives a standard gauge railroad that is trying to replicate portions of the WW&F. Here we see a standard gauge version of the WW&F at Alna Center.
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