Author Topic: Steam in the snow at Conway Scenic last Saturday night  (Read 4284 times)

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Steam in the snow at Conway Scenic last Saturday night
« on: January 21, 2009, 11:02:42 PM »
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Steam wrote:
We got to see standard gauge steam operating in the cold and snow on Saturday the 15th. No. 7470 ran two trips with the Polar Express, and the viewing/listening was spectacular. The first trip left North Conway at 5pm and the second at about 7:40.  The GP7 hauled the train northward to the site of the "North Pole" and the 7470 brought it back south. There were 8 cars on the train and they all appeared full of excited kids and parents.
Unfortunately, an automobile drove into the left front footboard of the 7470 on the first southbound trip, as the train was crossing a secondary road at Intervale. The train stopped for about a half hour as the driver was removed and the area cleared. Then the trip proceeded to North Conway where the passengers debarked and the next group boarded. They were about 20 minutes late leaving.  Damage to the 7470 seemed to be the footboard which was bent backward and the wood step splintered, some scraped auto paint evident on the cylinder jacket, and the rear left tender stirrup bent inward a bit.  All in all, a very lucky conclusion to what could have been far more serious.
This was the first time we'd seen standard gauge steam running in the winter since the long-departed Wolfeboro Rail Road trips with the #250 in the winter of 1975-76.
At one location Saturday, we caught the train coming upgrade toward Intervale and you could see the headlight coming a mile away. The sound of the exhaust increased and great plumes of steam could be seen above the locomotive. (This was out in the houses, nothing).  As the train approached us, the fireman was shoveling coal, and each time the firedoors opened, the steam above the gangway turned a bright orange from the glare of the fire...truly spectacular!  The whistle echoed back and forth through the valley... unforgettable.
Wayne Hills was taking pictures in the dark, and may have posted some of them on other forums. But pictures didn't do the experience justice! You had to be there.
Richard Symmes

Joe Fox replied:
Thanks for the info Richard. I read about the accident on's forum. Thankfully no one was hurt. Did you happen to take any pictures of the 7470 during the "Polar Express" trains. Talk to you later.
p.s. I am glad you enjoyed the experience, and steam in the snow truely is a wonderfull site.

Steam replied:
Hi everyone,
No, I did not take pictures, but Bob Meckley and Wayne Hills did. Perhaps they will share them here!   I went just to experience the day. So often I'm busy taking video and still photos and never actually "see" the event until I'm home watching the results!  I finally decided to just go and "absorb" some of these things and let my mind do the recording!
Richard W. Symmes

Wayne Laepple replied:
Mental videos!!
Ed Lecuyer
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