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Art imitating life...
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:58:34 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:
Did you know that the quasi-fictional narrow gauge, "Skarloey Railway" located on the Isle of Sodor is run by a "Mr Percival?"
"The Thin Controller was introduced in Four Little Engines, the tenth volume of the Railway Series and has now been introduced into the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends TV series as Mr. Percival, the narrow-gauge controller. He is based upon Edward Thomas general manager of the Talyllyn Railway."

Dave Buczkowski replied:
After all those hours watching the Thomas videos with my young sons the theme song still comes into my head from time to time but I don't remember a Mr. Percival... I do qoute the series from time to time "The law is the law."

Stephen Hussar replied:
Dave, I spent quite a lot of time watching "Thomas" with my son too, but that was 5-6 years ago. Mr Percival is a recent addition that came along with the new "Thomas & Friends" episodes that are now running on public television. As with the original series, these episodes are based on original Rev. Awdry stories. I just found it ironic that they chose to name the character "Mr Percival," and that he runs Sodor's narrow gauge lines! 

Mike Fox replied:
I remember Skarloey and Peter Sam from watching them with Joe. Guess I missed the "Percival" connection too.
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