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Local Stories from RPN
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:54:45 PM »
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Mike Fox wrote:
Found these while browsing Railway Preservation this morning.
Belfast & Moosehead Lake RR
Maine Eastern Versus Rockland debate

Steam replied:
The Rockland neighbors vs the Maine Eastern is just the latest in the many episodes of NIMBYs trying to upset the applecart of anything and everything connected with trains. As with people who move in near an airport and then complain about aircraft noise, these rail neighbors moved next to a railroad (active or not) and took their chances.  This is the same sort of nonsense which may eventually end the Mt. Washington Cog Railway as we know it.  I hope the railroad is able to prevail at Rockland after all the work that has gone into re-opening the railroad and especially restoring the Rockland and Bath stations.  Look at the "hoops" that the folks along the restored Greenbush commuter line made the MBTA jump through, not to mention all the tax money it cost to ease their sensitive concerns about having a "bad" railroad put back in service.  You give 'em an inch and they want 20 miles!  GARRRRAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!
Richard Symmes

gordon cook replied:
At the risk of veering off topic, I bet those folks near the station don't complain about the muffler-less motorcycles roaring about town. I find the modern acceptance of this phenomenon to be puzzling: when I was a kid and a loud car or motorcycle roared through town, you could be sure that the operator was going to get a ticket. No longer, though.
So we build sound barriers along the highway, protest airport noise, and complain about loud trains, but motorcycles and cars with purposely loud exhaust systems don't get any attention. And, as far as I know, there are laws at the state and federal level which regulate the amount of noise a motor vehicle can make, but they are not enforced.
Another mystery of life I guess....

James Patten replied:
Sort of reminds me of when I went to a Conway Scenic Railfan's weekend.  A lady approached me, said she had forgotten her camera, and asked me to take pictures of the steam engine.  She then made the mistake of telling me why she wanted them - to show the amount of pollution the engine put out, so that she could try to force the railroad to not run the engine.
I told her "Lady, you won't find anyone here today who will agree with you."  I don't know if she tried with anyone else that day or not.

Bruce Wilson replied:
A few years ago, I was working in the town of Cohasset, Massachusetts. I had parked my truck in the town parking lot, and observed that contractors working for the MBTA Greenbush line reconstruction project had excavated soil and pavement from the former Old Colony Railroad turntable pit. I looked at the granite blocks with fascination, noticing the precision with which they had been laid and admiring how well preserved the whole site was. A local woman was also viewing the excavation and asked if I knew what it was she was looking at. I explained to her that this turntable pit was once part of the steam locomotive servicing facility for the Old Colony Railroad. When she heard the words "steam locomotive", her whole demeanor changed and she began to curse and then stormed off.
A short time after, the excavation was backfilled and the former railyard once again covered over and paved.
Ed Lecuyer
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