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Alna Old Home Days?
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:45:32 PM »
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Joe Fox wrote:
Doe the town of Alna have an old home days day? If so, maybe we should think about trying to have the museum open that day, if we aren't all ready open, and make sure that the steam engine is running as well. Usually an old home days has a parade, and if they do, just see if the parade can terminate at the W, W, & F, because generally lots of people gather at the end of the parade. Just an idea.
If Alna doesn't have an old home days, maybe somebody could talk to some of the town comissioners or whatever to have such a day. Just a thought I had.

James Patten replied:
There is no Alna Old Home Days.  To the best of my knowledge, the town doesn't have any parades either.  Likely the best place to hold one would be Head Tide or Puddledock.

Joe Fox replied:
Oh. Do you think that an Old Home days would be an event, that if suggested to the town people, might be done?

Allan Fisher replied:
For more information on Old Home Days, Google "Old Home Days"and more specifically
Tradition - energy - scheduling not to conflict with Fairs and other Old Home Days are what is needed.
Having a town dinner, a town parade, and a visit to the WW&F does not an Old Home Days make.
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