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Distance between tracks
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:44:14 PM »
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Dave Buczkowski wrote:
My surveyor friend, Bob, wants to know what the standard distance between two standard gauge tracks would be. He is trying to find a center line in an area that used to be double tracked but isn't anymore. He thinks it might be 12' 2". Any ideas?

Allan Fisher replied:
Current minimum standard for Class 1 Railroads is 14 feet between the two inner rails - older standards were as little as 12 feet - and in the yards forget it - older yards were very cramped.
Burlingtron Northern has a newer wider standard - I think 16 feet.

Dave Buczkowski replied:
Thanks for your prompt response!

Ira Schreiber replied:
Allan is correct but let me expand a little.
BNSF(sucessor to Burlington Northern) uses that 16' for a reason that may not be too obvious at first.
It is used to allow motor vehicles in that space. Maintenance and service vehicles can access the ROW between tracks with a greater degree of safety.
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