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Maine Two-Footer Awareness
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:09:25 PM »
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Bill Sample wrote:
We just returned from a trip to California, and while there we visited the California State Railroad Museum.  Museum volunteer docents give tours through the museum and as we had Sue's mom with us we went on one of the official tours.  When it came time to explain various track gauges, the docent surprised us by devoting a few minutes of his time to the Maine Two-Footers following his talk on the 3 foot equipment there on display.
Following the end of the tour I mentioned I was a member of three two-footer organizations and thanked him for his publicity.  He mentioned that a couple from Maine were recent visitors and had talked to him about the various 2 foot preservation projects in Maine, especially the WW&F.  Never hurts to "spread the gospel."

jockellis replied:
They say that if you don't pat your own back no one else will. Awesome that  California railroad  docents would include the two footers.
Jock Ellis
Cumming, GA

Stewart Rhine replied:
Another thing that helps is wearing a WW&F RAILWAY shirt.  I have one on anytime I take a train ride or attend a train show.  The denim shirts look good and give you a pocket to hold your railroad shopping list 

John McNamara replied:
Two stories about wearing you WW&F apparel:
1. James and I were about to take a shop tour at EBT when a lady saw my hat and said, "Oh, you were our engineer when we came to the WW&F last year." Indeed a proud moment.
2. James and I were talking with the station agent in Providence about to buy a ticket for an MBTA train back to Boston. See our attire, he said, "Here, fill out this form claiming you had an unsatisfactory experience on Amtrak, and you can have a free ride on the Acela that will be here in a few minutes."
In short, wear your WW&F apparel as often as possible (but don't swear, smoke, drink, or otherwise besmirch the name).

James Patten replied:
I frequently wore my WW&F hat when I was in Wales (I wore other WW&F apparel but they were hidden behind the jacket that I wore most of the time).  At the Ffestiniog I was hovering around a locomotive and the engine crew all knew about it.  I don't believe I got any further recognition.  And nobody recognized me, either 

Mike Fox replied:
Joe and I went to Hobo RR in Lincoln, NH with the same effect. Cab rides for us.

htbrandes replied:
Don't forget to wear those WW&F shirts down at MNGR. We always like to treat our fellow 2 footers well.

Dave Olszewski replied:
I wore WW&F cap when ride on Maine Eastern railroad. I just took trip there yesterday. Look at Nerail Photo.  See them at
I need to buy shirts, too. I have too many shirts here. I have MERR jacket here.
Maybe you need tatoos on arm and face and say "WW&F RR"
Ed Lecuyer
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