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Saturday's rail moving party

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Stephen Hussar:
All, a few pictures of the rail-moving party from this past Saturday. Two car loads of surplus 70 lb rail, over 20 tons, were loaded by volunteers and hauled south to Sheepscot.

Mike Fox:
After some rough measurements, I roughly calculated there is 22.85 tons there. Of course, this does not account for rail wear and the ones that have joint bars.

 And you forgot to add Stephen, it was all loaded by hand.


Stephen Hussar:

--- Quote from: Mike Fox on September 01, 2008, 07:34:55 AM --- And you forgot to add Stephen, it was all loaded by hand.
--- End quote ---
Right you are, Mike -- how could I forget that little detail?! Nice day for it too!

Another thing I neglected to mention is that this was being done in preparation for an incoming load of 60 lb rail for the upcoming work weekend...must've been the heat!

Bill Sample:
Haven't seen photos of so much rail on 2 ft flat cars since seeing the photos of the SR&RL being ripped up.  :( Thankfully we are now living in the age of 2 footer expansion rather than 2 footer contraction! :D

Allan Fisher:
75 pieces of 60 pound rail with joint bars will be arriving on next Wednesday, and after unloading we will be reloading the truck with the 70 pound and other scrap rail for credit by Kovalchick.


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