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Ira Schreiber:
We are acquiring several new, to us, high lift aluminum track jacks. This is an effort to reduce or eliminate the steel "back breakers. They will be here this fall. Donations accepted. (Note: A visit to the Chiropractor is about the same cost as a used track jack, if you wish to donate to the "jack fund").

Wayne Laepple:
My check is in the mail. I got really tired of lugging those "iron maidens" last fall. Enough is enough!

Glad to see the board is back. I was going into withdrawl!

Cheers -- Wayne

John McNamara:
How does one donate to the Jack Fund?

Ira Schreiber:
Just send a check or Paypal to the museum and footnote it "track jacks"

Mike Fox:
Looking for a specific type of Jack? I think the aluminum Duff Brand Jack will work best for our application. We have some like that already and are easy to use.
PS. Here comes my donation


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