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Model of #10 for sale on ebay

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Bernie Perch:
I just ran into a photo of a model of #10 which is for sale on ebay.  It looks reasonably good to my eyes. Scale-? Gauge?  Maybe someone who lives in that area can look it up and let us know more about it, or someone registered for ebay can throw a few questions at the seller.  ebay #290286590453 or just look up Sandy River.


Steve Klare:
Looks like live steam, probably Gauge One or larger.

Part of me wishes I hadn't seen that: it's saying "Buy Me! Buy Me!....You'll think of something to tell her before I get there!"

Pete "Cosmo" Barrington:
 :o Omg! It's GORGEOUS!

Unfortunately, the price is probably at least close to what it's worth, that is to say: WAAAAYYY outta my range by several orders of magnitude!

Even though I run "Standard Guage" on my backyard MEC Mtn Div I wouldn't "kick it off the tracks for spitting cinders!" ;)

Steve, if you DO buy it (assuming it's G-guage,) you're welcome to drop by and run her in my backyard anytime!  ;D

Mike Fox:
Well that is one nice looking model. I wish I had a minute to pop over and see it. I didn't even know that place had things like that. I'll have to make a point of stopping in some day.

Steve Klare:
I'm pretty sure it is one of the smaller live steam gauges: it weighs 80 pounds, which is not a huge amount. In 7.25" gauge this sucker would be the better part of ten feet long by 3 feet high and would weigh hundreds!

I decided this doesn't belong on my coffee table, so I e-mailed the SR&RL and told them it belongs in the Phillips Historical Society. I hope they got the message.

Pete, I'll stay with the LGB in my own yard: pays to keep it simple!

EDIT: The auction now says it's 2.5" gauge which makes it 1.25" scale. LGB track is 45mm gauge, which is 1.75".

This wouldn't have run on LGB track anyway. I think the broadest curves they have are about 4 foot radius. No way in George Mansfield's wildest dreams is a 3 foot long Forney bending around a 4 foot curve!


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