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AOL users have trouble posting
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:56:26 PM »
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Stephen Hussar wrote:
I can't believe this worked (being able to post I mean) -jason
I've noticed an occasional glitch when trying to post here while using AOL, where it simply will not let me post -- it says "invalid session" or something to that effect. But if I log in using Internet Explorer it works fine.

Bill Sample replied:
Thanks for the info Jason, now I know!
Stephen H, I have had the same trouble that you have had on occasion while using AOL.
(Just took me three attempts to get this posted)

Ira Schreiber replied:
You may as well add my 2 cents as I have had the same issues with AOL.
Sounds like we can form a sub group of AOL users to share our compalints.

Steve Zuppa replied:
I sometimes have the same result with Netscape but hitting submit a second time usually works.
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gordon cook replied:
I had some trouble posting a while back . I use Firefox (it's the rebel in me) but I tried Explorer and I don't think that worked.  I wasn't able to post to other sites either, as I recall. I'm not on AOL or anything like that, just the usual local cable monopoly. I was getting these indecipherable 'Server Error blah blah' messages.
Stephen Hussar suggested cleaning out my various cookies, cache, etc, but I don't know if that helped.
Anyway, I think I reloaded my browser and that fixed it, but I'm still not sure what was going on.
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