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« on: January 11, 2009, 11:51:56 PM »
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James Patten wrote:
Making sure the forum is still working - no posts to it for a day.  Either everyone is asleep or we've run out of things to talk about!

MikeW replied:
I, too, was wondering why it was so quiet!

elecuyer replied:
Yes, the silence has been deafening...
Topic ideas:
What's the schedule for the Water Tank, now that it's arrived?

Stewart Rhine replied:
It's like the scene in an old war movie ... two guys are standing on the bridge of a ship.  One is looking out over the water through his binoculars.  He says to the other guy "It's quiet out there - TOO quiet"  Something BIG usually happens right after that!
Yeah, Its quiet on the forum ... but have you heard about the new tank car 126.  The B&SR has nothing on the WW&F 

Stephen Hussar replied:
Yes it was quiet, but I actually did have trouble getting this forum to open for a couple of days this week...
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tomc replied:
I did too.  I thought it was a server just slow so came back later and got in.  Didn't think to much of it.
Tom C.

Josh Botting replied:
Personally, I have been asleep..... or at work, I just can't remember

Bruce Wilson replied:
I've been watching the standard gage here in Maine digging out from the Valentine's Day snows...
There has been a considerable amount of freight through Danville Junction and Lewiston Junction. The St. Lawrence & Atlantic has 11 tank cars of propane being unloaded at Lewiston Junction and stll there is talk on the news about the rail strike in Canada affecting railcar propane delivery to Maine.
On Wednesday, February 21st, I worked at a steel fabrication shop in Rochester, Massachusetts and observed a Bay Colony crew pull two empty mill gons from the plant's siding. They then dropped one load of steel rebar inside the building. On a passing siding outside the complex, were several new container cars with loads.
So, the rails are again busy with traffic...
Ed Lecuyer
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