Author Topic: 2 3/8" = 1' scale, 4 3/4" gauge wheel sets for give-away  (Read 2668 times)

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2 3/8" = 1' scale, 4 3/4" gauge wheel sets for give-away
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:47:03 PM »
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bperch wrote:
As part of my clean out of unfinished projects in my cellar, I have for give away two sets of 2 3/8" = 1' scale 4 3/4" gauge wheel sets (wheels mounted on axles--no side frames or bolsters--journal areas not machined).  You would have to pay shipping or pick up. One set (eight wheels mounted on four axles) represents wheels about 20" in diameter (3 3/4 actual inches)and the other (eight wheels mounted on four axles) about 18" in diameter (3 1/4 actual inches).  The treads are two different widths but wide for 1" scale track.  They represent many hours of work.
Bernie Perch

Mike Fox replied:
How heavy would you estimate the total weight to be?

bperch replied:
The total weight is 55 pounds.  They could be shipped in four one price priority boxes for about $10 a box.  If you are serious, I could get an exact price.  The post office is the best fway for me.

Mike Fox replied:
Thanks Bernie.
Just wanted an Idea in case I or someone else wants them. I don't have anything like that yet but there is always a time to start.
Ed Lecuyer
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