Author Topic: Steam Locomotive and Boiler Construction in Maine  (Read 2818 times)

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Steam Locomotive and Boiler Construction in Maine
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:42:47 PM »
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Bill Sample wrote:
Here's one for the historians out there -
With the construction of the new boiler for #9 well along at Boothbay, and plans for a #11 being discussed, history is being made.
Looking over our shoulders at the past, when was the previous steam locomotive built in Maine?  (My guess it was the last Portland loco for the B&SR.)
And when was the most recent steam locomotive boiler constructed in Maine?

Mike Fox replied:
I am not sure of the most recent steam boiler constructed but I have a book on The Portland Company. I will look it up to see if the built any more boilers after they stopped building locomotives and see what their last loco was.

James Patten replied:
Portland Company's last locomotive was B&SR #5, built 10 years after the one before it (so I would guess around 1905).  I suspect Portland Company would have been the last (or only) locomotive builder in Maine, aside from anything built in-house by the Maine Central or Bangor & Aroostook railroads.
Portland Company continued to construct steam boilers for other applications, however.  According to the MNGRR newsletter I just got, when they closed in 1982 they were specializing in nuclear power plant components, but I don't know if this included boilers or not.

Mike Fox replied:
I wish the Portland Company book went into more detail.It says WW&F #3 was the next to last locomotive built by them.That was in 1894.They built a total of 630 Locomotives. Over a span of 60 years.
But wait. Another 5 minutes has passed and I found another book.Railroad and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin #139. It says they built 631 Engines from 1948 to 1906. Gives a better account of the loco's they built and even includes a building roster. Last on the list was B&SR #5 built in 11/06.
But after they were done building locomotives, they rebuilt some. In 1910, the rebuilt a Climax for the Conway Lumber Company.
They have built many other things since then. Snowplows, fire trucks and some early steam cars. Elavators and and paper mill equipment are also included.
The also had a forge and made catch basins, manhole covers and frogs for switches. And they ceased operation in 1982. Now to dig out the MEC books to see what they did.

Steve Zuppa replied:
These are the things that industries had to do in order to survive.Is it any wonder that ANY industry with the capability to produce STUFF would be picky about what that stuff was if they could remain in buisness?
"Keep to the code!"
Capt. Jack Sparrow

Mike Fox replied:
That is true. One place used to do it all. Now several places have to do it.
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