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New Discussion Forum
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:15:57 PM »
New Discussion Forum has been converted from the pre-July 2008 WW&F Discussion Forum.
Some formatting may have been removed or modified from the original postings that appear quoted in this topic.
Information contained within this post may be superseded by more recent postings and conversations.

Stephen Hussar wrote:
James, great job!
I think a forum dedicated to the discussion of narrow gauge OUTSIDE of COLORADO is long overdue 
I'm sure others think so too!

Dave Buczkowski replied:
An excellent and long overdue idea. I agree with Steve - I get tired of always reading about Colorado Narrow Gauge. The real trains are in Maine! Being somewhat technically challenged, I was a little intimidated about some of the optional info you requested so I just ignored it. It seems to work fine. The only problem is that you've created another reson to keep me from doing my job!

wwfmuseum replied:
Do you guys think that this forum should concentrate on just the WW&F, or should it include all of the Maine railroads?
MNGRR has their own forum, which sees little traffic.  Likewise with Edaville.

Allan Fisher replied:
I think all Maine two footers should be included in the discussion. I believe that MNG discussion forum has been shut down.

Stephen Hussar replied:
I agree with Allan, that all of the Maine two-footers should be included. Also, these phpbb boards are MUCH nicer than any of the other style forums, especially those on Yahoo!
If you build it they will come! Just give it some time...

Dave Buczkowski replied:
I also agree that all Maine two  footers as well as Edaville and the B & B should be included. I think there is a commonality of interest and some cross pollination. I am involved with the B&B group at the FBDP.

Ira Schreiber replied:
I agree on the Maine topics, but prefer emphasis on the WW&F. Let some one else start a group for the other railroads.
Three foot is standard gauge in Colorado, the other is broad gauge.
James, thanks for the forum for us.
Ira Schreiber

Bill Reidy replied:
Thanks James.  This is a wonderful addition, particular for those of us who live far away and can't visit as often as we'd like!
I do like the idea of including folders for all of the Maine two-footers, as well as the B&B and Edaville.  It would be nice to have a single site where one can get updates on all the Maine two-footers.

Glenn Christensen replied:
Thanks James for setting up this discussion group!
Hello Everyone!!!
I can only echo what others have already said.
I think our primary focus should be on the WW&F although occasional postings regarding the other Maine Two Foot RRs and museums should be permitted.
I would ask also that the group consider permitting occasional postings concerning other 2-foot and 30" gauge railroads around the world, especially where such information might be analogous to WW&F and other Maine Two Foot preservation initiatives.
Naturally I will acquiesce to the wishes of the group.

Dana Deering replied:
I think this forum is a great idea.  I like having all the two footers included for discussion.  How about a section for the Bridgton & Saco River/ B & H?

Mike Fox replied:
Theanks James. What a great way for everyone to have a chance to see what someone else thinks. And pass information along to distant members. See you at the museum.

Dave Crow replied:
I agree that the main focus should be on WW&F but that information on the other 2-footers can be helpful.  Consider that a lot of the freight cars came from the Portland Company; future restorations or reconstructions might need to discuss other lines in order to complete the research needed for such an event.
I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Dave Crow

Bill Sample replied:
I agree with Dave B and Bill R - this forum should cover the Maine 2 footers of the past and present, plus their cousins from the Bay State.
James, thank you so much for putting this together, especially for those of us from away.

ETSRRCo replied:
FINALLY!! A place for my two foot addiction. Now I'll be able to talk to all of you from New Jersey on a regular bases. I also think that this forum should be on all the two footers as I have many questions about all of them. O and the reason my screen name doesn't have a two foot railroad in it is because I just became a student fireman for the New Hope & Ivyland RR! I am finally living out one of my dreams. Maybe I can be a guest fireman on day on the 10 
Eric Bolton
Ed Lecuyer
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