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Government Coal Dock at Randolph


Allan Fisher:
Next question - how many transhipment coal docks (barge & skows to KC) were there during the time the Kennebec Central operated? (1890 - 1926)

AND - How many coal storage buildings for the Kennebec Central delivered coal were there at Togus?

Allan Fisher:
There were only two government coal docks used by the KC at Randolph. The first was built for the railroad to serve and was finished in early July 1890. It was badly damaged by ice flow on March 8, 1896 - but still partially usable.

The second Randolph government coal shed was finished in early October 1896. It was 70' by 120' and had a capacity of 2500 tons of coal. This building lasted until the end of operations on the KC, although the roof and staging platforms were modified two or three times.

At Togus, coal was received in three different coal sheds. The first preceded the KC and was filled by horse drawn wagons until the KC took over in Sept 1890.

A new shed was built in July 1894, and the final shed with an inclined KC track into it was built in August 1899. This building survived two coal fires to last until after the KC ceased operations.

Source for above: Fourtin Powell research material in the WW&F archives.

Allan Fisher:
Here's the answer on number of coal storage buildings.

There were only TWO government owned coal transfer buildings at Randolph during the time of the KC.

The first was built for the KC operation and completed in late July 1890. This building was severely damaged during the winter ice flows of early 1896, and replaced in September 1896. This second building survived until well after the KC stopped running, although with numerous shore-ups, and roof and runway modifications.

There appears to have been only two coal storage building at Togus over the KC years. The first, built in 1894, replaced open coal piles. The second was built in 1899, and was modified many times over the next 25 years.

Source : Fourtin Powell papers in the WW&F Archives


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