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Preparation for the Fall Work Weekend
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:12:49 PM »
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Dana Deering wrote:
Even though the calendar still says July it's time to prepare for the fall work weekend.  One major piece of prep work is the moving of all of the 75 lb rail that is currently at the top of the hill at Alna Center, along with the unusable Chair Factory rail at the bottom of the Ladder, to Sheepscot. We are sending this rail back to PA for credit toward the price of the good rail we are getting for the fall.  I'd like to have it moved before the end of August as the rail from PA is coming in early September and our swapped rail has to go back on that truck.  I'm considering either 8/23 or 8/30 as the day to move it.
There will be other things to get done as well:  moving the ties we have on hand, cutting ties that will be delivered, moving all of the kegs of spikes and bolts that are sitting at various places along the line from Albee's field, etc. to the end of track.  I would also like to have the next crossing installed before the work weekend so that will mean drilling the two 15 foot rails we cut a couple of weeks ago and getting them spiked down.  Lots to do but we will start with moving rail and go from there.  More to come as dates are firmed up.

slooper replied:
What are the dates for the fall work weekend.  I plan on being there.  I physically can't do much, but I am one hell of a gopher (go get that)!  If I get a trailer before then, I'll bring my four passenger/flat bed golf cart for running.

elecuyer replied:
The fall work weekend will be Oct 10 through 13: Columbus Day weekend.
All ages/abilities are welcome. There's plenty to do for everyone.
-Ed Lecuyer

dwight winkley replied:
The right of way is narrow, and in the woods. No room to run a flat bed gulf cart, unless it could be used ahead of the steel gang. With the cost of fuel. I wouldn't want you to haul it to Maine and than not be able to put it to use.
Any other commits from the workers who have found the close by drainage ditchs?
dwight winkley

Duncan Mackiewicz replied:
Dwight, I agree with you.  Having walked the edge of the ROW during many work weekends there sometimes isn't much room for walking and working let alone a golfcart.  Better to leave it home for now and hoof it this fall than to spend a bit more on gas to haul it to the museum only to find it can't be utilized.

Mike Fox replied:
Hope I can make it for the fun. Dana, please post dates you plan to be there, a few days in advance. I would love to help if I can make it.

Stewart Rhine replied:
Dana,  There will be a half dozen or so people at the railroad the week before the picnic.  Work trains have run in past years so we'll probably run them this year.  We can move ties or rail if we have a crew.
Ed Lecuyer
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