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More Track Work Days 7/11 - 12
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:11:31 PM »
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Dana Deering wrote:
For anyone interested I plan to be at Sheepscot on Friday 7/11 and Saturday 7/12 and will be focusing on track work.  If I get enough crew on 7/12 I plan to shut down the mainline north of the north yard limit at Alna Center and do some much needed surfacing work on the line at Albee's Field and on the Ladder.
On Friday I plan to work from Alna Center southward fixing as many of the sags and low joints as possible.  Work will commence as close to 7AM as possible.
If I can schedule another Friday in the near future I plan to line the curves at CockEye and at Davis Crossing.

Stephen Hussar replied:
Sounds great, Dana -- I'm planning on being there both days.

Wayne Laepple replied:
Well, dang. If I had know a little bit sooner, I could have been there as well. I'm on vacation that week, but now I have tickets for a blues festival closer to home. If you decide to do this again next summer, Dana, let me know ahead of time and I'll be there.
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