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Saturday March 29ths steam event
« on: January 11, 2009, 11:06:06 PM »
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Joe Fox wrote:
Yesterday's steam event went very well. Everybody was very happy, several photographers were taking pictures of the steam engine in the snow. There were smiles on young and old alike as they toured the yard, took pictures, found easter eggs, etc.
The teachers that I had come view me firing the steam engine as a part of my Senior Project had a great time, and plan on coming back again. One of them was a history teacher, and I am going to see if maybe he can bring a class or two to the museum next year, so that they can get a chance to see a small part of Maine's history.
The steam from the stack was incredible, I wish I could have taken some pictures, or video of the way it billowed out of the stack, wow what a sight it was. I shot some video of us yard switching at the end of the day, that I will add to YouTube, and post a link here for you guys to watch. One angle I thought about for next time, is on top of the cab roof.

Bill Reidy replied:
Thanks Joe!  I was going to post a question asking how yesterday went, but you already answered my question.  Glad it went well.
- Bill

James Patten replied:
From the conductor's side of the train, things went well.  We had about 70 or so riders, there might have been more if Alna's Town Meeting had gotten out earlier.  It was warm enough (barely!) for the snow to start melting once we cleared it off the track, so the traction problems from Victorian Christmas weren't present.

gordon cook replied:
Speaking for myself, it was great, but I think I was about as cold as I've ever been heading north. The wind was stiff and right out of the north and I don't think it got above the mid 20's until late in the day.
The sun was bright and warm though, and #10 performed well.
Jason made a couple of adjustments to the running gear and we think that they were very successful.
Hats off, as usual, to everyone that made it such a fun day.

petecosmob replied:
And I MISSED it!
Ahhh well,....
... April!

Joe Fox replied:
Here are some links to the Yard Switching videos that I am posting on YouTube.
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