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Collection "X" has been found and it's a treasure of 2 and 3 ft equipment.

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John Kokas:
Here's the link to the YouTube video:

The guys doing the filming are not railroaders so be patient.  There are numerous German WWI trench engines as well as various English manufacturers with engines varying from small tanks up to what appears to be a British built SAR Garrett.

The owner passed in 2019 with no apparent work taking place.  It will be fascinating to see what happens to the collection.

 WW&F # 9 was also found in a barn. In France quite a lo of passenger and freight cars were discovered on farms or close to them. A low-loaded cattle box car used by the TPT was found in a wood in 2019 by two MTP's volunteers after a long search in the TPT archives owned both by the association and the d├ępartement du Loiret and  asking the farmers on the ground. This car was built by Decauville and puchased by the TPT in1892. it's a total rarety because very few of them were built plus back then it was a grounds-breaking one because  it was low- loaded.

A few other pics. That one of -a kind car is being restored in an other association whose the guys that have searched for it and found it are members as well. they are both expert at the TPT story and equipment.

Benjamin Richards:

Can you explain more what you mean by "low-loaded"? I'm not getting the meaning of that.


Bill Baskerville:
Not to be to technical, but I note that the cars are very well braced with iron strapping and gussets.  That said, on the upper and lower ends of the cars there is a flat plate that secures the roof, corner and side diagonal braces, or on the lower corner secures the corner, diagonal and floor braces. 
My question is why do these plates extend beyond the end of the car?  Am I missing some significance of them?


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