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Victorian Christmas Dates?
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:49:58 PM »
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Dave Crow wrote:
Has the date been set yet for Victorian Christmas?

Dave Olszewski replied:
Hi Dave,
I found out from WW&F RR's website that they will have Victorian Xmas Train trip on Dec 22. I can't wait for it. I hope they will have snow there. Last year there was no snow on ground.  They had snow and it melt few weeks early.

James Patten replied:
Dave is correct - it is December 22.
As for snow - beyond our control 

Mike Fox replied:
Well have to go into Alice's room to get the steam powered snow making machine preped early this year.
But digging out the Farmers' Almanac, It says "20th-23rd. Snow from Pennsylvania, New York to Maine, then fair, very cold."
So far this year, the Almanac is more accurate then the local news.

Dave Crow replied:
Thanks to everyone for their help in verifying the date.
Dave Crow
Ed Lecuyer
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