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7.5 in scale live steamer for sale (B&SR #7)

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John Kokas:
As part of my daily scrounging on the Internet, I came across a live steamer for sale in Maryland that was built to plans for #7 of the B&SR.  Since #7 is a regular visitor to the WW&F I thought it would be nice to link to the ad if anyone was interested or knew of someone who would be interested.  I or the museum have no financial interest in this sale.  Information is provided as a courtesy.

On Facebook Marketplace:

Mike Fox:
Oh the missus would be pissed if I rolled in with that in the back..nice looking and #11..

John Kokas:
Missus can't get mad at you if you only invest in a group purchase.  I'm in the same boat but would I invest?  Wadda ya think  ;D

Tom Casper:
Sure is a great price for that engine.  You could flip it for twice that. The Mrs would like that.  Of course a test run or two would be in order to see what you got.

Tom C.
Tom C.

Bill Baskerville:
I'll bet if we put in a small oval of 7.5 gauge track, built a couple of cars, and offered rides, it would be better than the hand car hops.  Then we would be in competition with Edaville.


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